Episode 20 - Dani Stevens: Living a happy life

Episode Description

Today I talk all things happiness with my dear friend Dani Stevens. After meeting online almost 5 years ago, Dani & I hit it off straight away and not long later we met in person and have been besties ever since. Dani is a natural born motivator, she is full of energy, effervescent and a mother of four who works hard everyday to ensure her family are all living their best lives.

In her previous life Dani worked in IT, sales, marketing & management, but its her role as a mother that really lights her up the most. She has relished in being a stay-at-home mum since 2007 and has created an incredible following via her online platforms where she shares recipes, fitness ideas and lifestyle inspiration with the world.

I wanted to use this opportunity of inviting Dani onto the podcast to discuss happiness. We all know how important it is to be happy and living a fulfilling life that lights you up over the times when we aren’t feeling as happy.

Connect with Dani Stevens:
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