Episode 17 - Nat Kringoudis: A holistic approach to hormone health

Episode Description

In today’s episode I interview the natural fertility expert, also known as The Hormone Revolutionist, Nat Kringoudis.

Nat is a bestselling author, acupuncturist, herbalist, speaker and writer. As well has running her own podcast, The Wellness Collective, Nat is also a mother of two. Nat is an absolute wealth of knowledge and her energy, wisdom and expertise are contagious.

As a professional, Nat's main focus is on women's health and making hormones happy. Her approach is to use integrative health to treat the main cause and not just the symptoms, making it truly a holistic approach to hormone health.

Nat is a true believer that happy hormones are created with what we do each and every day. Our lifestyle has a massive impact on our hormones and Nat empowers women - to help them make the right choices, and employ the right lifestyle; to encourage good hormone health.

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