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 Meet Vicki and Martin

Food’s ability to nurture and heal is the foundation of Jomei’s Fine Foods.

The name Jomei means "he who spreads light", which is the ethos embodied by Jomeis Fine Foods #spreadingthelight is our mission, to educate people that they can eat well, good quality, heathy, nutritious wholefoods & it can taste good


 Vicki grew up in suburban Melbourne where family dinners consisted of ‘meat and three veg’. Martin grew up in a traditional Vietnamese household where every family meal was couched in cultural significance. Vicki’s passion is yoga, Martin’s is Chinese medicine, and together in 2000 they established The Lotus Healing Centre, in Essendon that treats everyone from elite athletes with international careers, to the quiet couple down the street.

In 2002 Martin developed Australia's very first Sweet Balsamic reduction as a natural condiment for his patients to incorporate into their wholefood meal plans, Vinegar has long been known to improve digestion, however many patients found it too acidic, so using his Herbal Medicine knowledge he decided to reduce it & make it sweeter, & more palatable. It was enjoyed so much , that family & friends encouraged the duo to take it to market, so In melding Martin’s professional blending skills with Vicki’s business nouse, the duo created the exquisite Sweet Balsamic Reduction under the Jomei’s Fine Foods brand.


Meet Vicki: the passionate health crusader

Vicki spent the majority of her adolescent life battling stomach troubles only to find out that she had a myriad of food intolerances including an allergy to dairy & gluten. To combat this Vicki embarked on a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free organic diet.

She believes & lives by this quote, a classic by Hippocrates, “let food be your medicine.” Vicki’s favourite Sweet Balsamic Reduction dish: Sweet Balsamic Reduction drizzled over beetroot, pomegranate, goats cheese and walnut salad.


 Jomei’s Fine Foods Products are



New Product Range 

Jomeis Fine Foods launches a new range of Nutritional Lattes, bringing innovation, colour & fun to the table with a beverage range that #lovesyouback

With the “in vogue” Turmeric Latte capturing the hearts and minds of many health conscious café dwellers over the last 18 months, Vicki Nguyen decided it was high time to take alternative beverages to the next level and really raise the stakes!

Introducing Jomeis Fine Foods Nutritional Lattes; A beverage with a nutritious kick, which comprises of 7 incredible flavours: Beetroot, Cacao, Minty Cacao, Spicy Ginger, Matcha & Cacao, Organic Matcha & of course the now very popular Turmeric Latte. All the colours of the rainbow, that look and taste like so much fun. 

They are 100% Natural & 100% plant based, using some of the most potent ingredients on Earth. The Lattes are free from Dairy, Gluten, Sugar, Soy, Artificial Colours, Flavours and Preservatives. They are also Paleo, Non GMO, Vegan friendly & Halal Certified. Other than the two Organic Matcha products, the other 5 flavours are 100% Caffeine Free.

Soon-to-be released Youtube recipes will uncover just how easy the Lattes are to make. They can be enjoyed iced as well as hot. The vast majority are being consumed using the alternative soy, almond, rice and coconut milks, although they can be enjoyed with any milk.

So much more than just a beverage, the blends can also be used as a key ingredient for a great range of healthy recipes, such as bliss balls, raw cakes, cereal,  yoghurt toppings and the list goes on. Jomeis Fine Foods will take you on a culinary journey with their delicious recipe videos, showcasing dishes ranging from hot, cold, raw, cooked, sweet & savoury,  making it very easy for customers to try at home & share with family & friends. 

Co-Founder of Jomeis Fine Foods, Vicki Nguyen said “the new lattes are an exceptionally nutritional alternative that also taste great. We noticed in recent times many health food products appearing within mainstream categories such as cereals, snack foods, cold drinks and even chocolate,  however, the hot beverage sector has been left behind and in our opinion with not a lot of innovation or alternatives that offer “free from”, a nutritional punch and a great taste all at the same time. Our brand ethos is all about #spreadingthelight where the focus is on changing the way people think about food.“

Martin and Vicki Nguyen founded Jomeis Fine Foods in 2002, where Martin, a Chinese Medicine professional, initially developed their first product, a  Sweet Balsamic Reduction to assist with his patient’s meal plans, as vinegar is well known to support digestion. Australia’s first Sweet Balsamic Reduction was launched in 2002 and in 2014 Australia’s only 100%  Certified Organic Sweet Balsamic Reduction was added to the range.

Jomeis Fine Foods are aiming to launch the Nutritional Lattes into their existing 500 independent stockists in March 2017 and they are currently finalising plans with major chains and health food stores.

“We are confident this new range will catapult our business to new heights,  as we will also be launching into the Food Service Channel and continuing our expansion into Singapore & Malaysia, adding to our current New Zealand export business. As with our Sweet Balsamic Reduction, the Nutritional Lattes will be available online at jomeisfinefoods.com.au.”

Stay tuned to our Youtube channel.

and let us take you on a journey of discovery with exciting recipes and more!

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